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The 2019 Grey Cup is a fantastic opportunity for all of Calgary to show the rest of Canada our world class hospitality and showcase exciting entertainment. For the 2019 Grey Cup, the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation, in partnership with the Grey Cup Festival, have made strides to bring a new and truly unique music and sports experience to McMahon Stadium. Our goal is to provide a one of kind experience within the Grey Cup Festival and showcase what the Grey Cup experience can be for future generations.

McMahon Stadium will host the Fusion Music Festival, a three-day event pairing music and football together while creating a dynamic, energy driven destination. The Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation recognizes the need for community support to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

To ensure a community supported event Fusion will provide the following:

• Contact information for the community to ask any questions regarding the three-day event. All concerns will be addressed in a timely manner.

• Plans and policies will be updated to reflect feedback received through contact information. Any updates will be shared via social media and on the Fusion website.

• A safe experience for guests of the event and surrounding community. Fusion has partnered with the City of Calgary, Calgary Police Service, Calgary Fire Department, and the AGLC to fulfill this commitment.

• Safe egress and crowd management.

• Encourage all guests to utilize safe and available transportation to and from McMahon Stadium including public transportation, taxis and ride-share services.

• Fusion will promote safe driving alternatives on website and through social media.

• A commitment to work with sound providers to ensure extensive sound dispersal.